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About The-X Gym

At The-X gym, every athletes training is shaped by the core philosophy. This philosophy drives the intent for the relationship and nature of the training being undertaken.

The Unbranded Sports Preparation Philosophy:

“The athlete is the hero in their athletic development story. The coach is tasked with bringing the skill in movement, conditioning and strengthening to offer the athlete a pathway to success.

Accomplished through constant improvement to information, analysis, communication and attention from both the athlete and the coach.

The coach and the athlete alike must work in collaboration to achieve success, harmonising mind, body and intellect.

Training Principles

Principles shape the behaviours and expectations of the athlete and coach.

No one knows everything.
It is expected that the coach and the athlete communicate and openly discuss the athletes training, technique, recovery and mental preparation.

Athletes take responsibility for their warming up and cooling down.
This does not mean the athlete is not supported or trained in how to do it, but they are expected to be responsible for doing it correctly, and ensuring they are physically and mentally prepared to train.

Safety practices are important in and out of the gym.
Athletes will be taught safety cues for spotting, for lifting, handling and storage safety, the necessity of communication between spotter and athlete, coach and athlete in and out of the gym. It is expected from both the athlete and the coach, that safety of the environment is critical to long term success.

Recording of performance and recovery data is critical for managing progression, recovery and injury.
The Athlete and the coach will take responsibility for the performance data. The Athlete is primarily responsible. The coach however, takes responsibility for monitoring through analysis and communication the athletes recovery, performance and use that information to accurately design the training program.

When it’s good, bad or otherwise… talk.
Communication is critical for active management of performance and managing risk of injury as well as preparing the athlete for peak athletic performance. Active and constant communication in and out of the gym is strongly encouraged to support this principle.

Choice and freedom.
Athletes and coaches will always have the freedom and in fact be encouraged to seek out information, second opinions on technique, approach, methodologies and equipment throughout their training. It is expected that this information is brought back to the coach / athlete relationship for open discussion and review. Athletes are to take responsibility for their athletic outcomes, and information gathering, review and application in conjunction with the coach is part of this process.

About the coach

I’m Ben, but everyone calls me Benny (often spelt online “Bny”) I’ll not go into the long details and bore you to death but it goes a little like this:

20year history…

  • National level Australian cross country short distance skier (skater)
  • State level Triathlon competitor
  • Did the cert 4 trainer qualification
  • Got ran over by a car, broke hip and found my first of 56 subsequent shoulder dislocations.
  • Few years of arm curls at the local globogym. (yeah we’ve all been there)
  • broke back in two places, 7 years ago. Laid up in bed for 16 weeks. Had to learn how to walk again.. which is what got me into pose / barefoot running.
  • kept globogyming… achieved expected results.
  • dropped globogyming…for ultra-distance running… achieved expected results. But learned a lot about bio mechanics, how to measure and calculate volume based on ground impacts and ascent/decent on the way.
  • Spent a few years knocking around with a few smart cats  in the nutritional game.
  • Got into CrossFit, had a blast. Loved it. Continue to love it, because it gave me weightlifting.
  • Got my CrossFit Certificate 1
  • Committed heavily to weightlifting for a competitive campaign.
  • Got my Level 1 Weightlifting and Power Sports Coach certificate
  • Got my level 2  Weightlifting and Power Sports Coach certificate
  • Spent literally months learning directly under the likes of Lyn Jones, Bob Takano, Glenn Pendlay, Donny Shankle and many other outstanding coaches.
  • Wife said I’m good at talking and have a keen eye for physical movement….
  • This year (2014) I’ll be obtaining my IPF Powerlifting certification and Elite level 3 AWF weightlifting certificates.

2014 is a remarkable year for me, as I’ll be giving away my 20 year career which culminated in the last 10 years as a professional strategic and management consultant. I’m looking forward to applying the many skills and expertise I learned during that life to migrate finally over to full time Sports Preparation Coaching.

In my previous life, I was lucky enough to develop expertise in communication, human behaviour, leadership, teaching and training. Most importantly I learned how to “listen with two ears”. A skill which enables me to genuinely listen and understand my clients, their goals, blockers, fears and motivations.

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