Month: November 2014

Smooth is fast, fast is smooth

By Bny “Iron Hobbit” Winter-Giles Head Coach, The-X, Unbranded Sports Preparation Weightlifting and Powerlifting specialist For both powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, I get asked a lot… in fact…virtually every day. “So.. which technique should I be doing for the <insert lift here>”. There is a seed of doubt that floods athletes minds very often… “Am…

3 month membership deal

#insertsalespitchhere This deal speaks for itself. Three months of ‘lite access’ membership for $350. Saving $170. Gives you some financial space to get through the Christmas spend fest. Be a little selfish and start getting serious with your off season training. Whatever sport you play. Find out about: The Athlete First Training System Lite access…

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