Need something to get your kids involved in during the Summer break?

Unbranded has a Summer special deal, that is good for your kids, good for you, and will help them develop learning and physical skills.

  • Two groups. Each group is limited to 4 juniors to ensure quality coaching.
  • Juniors can start on the 12th of January 2015.
  • Registrations are open now for both groups. schedules for each will be released once the classes are full.
  • All camps end on the 30th, with a mini exhibition where they can showcase their newly learned skills. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.

What your kids will be doing:

  • Full body movements like pushing, pulling, picking things up, pressing them over head.
  • Athletics like, sprinting, stopping, jumping, tumbling, hand stands, and pull ups.
  • Agility and power work like, cone sprints, stop starts, ball work
  • Skill work including, ground technique work for the Olympic lifts and powerlifts. (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press)
  • Specially selected “strong man” events like tyres, farmers carry, atlas stone (all scaled and using special learner safe equipment).

Will your kids be lifting BIG weights?

The resistance the juniors will be working with will be constantly assessed by the Coach. Each Junior will be challenged, but not working with weights that are beyond them from a development or technical point of view.

The Australian Sports Commissions view:

The current position on youth resistance training is that a properly designed and supervised training program is safe and can help to increase strength, prevent injury, and enhance motor skills and performance. It is very important that coaches of juniors at any level have a clear understanding of what should and shouldn’t be done.


Isn’t this just like a bootcamp or CrossFit?

No. This package is designed to work closely with your junior athlete, teaching them skills for how to be coached as an athlete, how to compete respectfully with their peers. How to move in safe and efficient ways, and about drugs in sport and nutrition.

Most importantly, this package enables the junior athlete to develop in a closely coached environment, that will give them skills that they can carry over to any sport of their choosing.

This means, we teach technique first, then develop the athlete from there. This is more than doing a few push ups and running around a field.

Can I come?

Parents are encouraged to enjoy a coffee at the in house cafe, and watch their kids build strength, confidence, skill and enjoy discovering what they can be capable of.


  1. Three week package.
  2. Four youths per session, capped.
  3. Starts on the 12th of January.
  4. Three sessions a week. 1 hour each. 9 sessions in total.
  5. Suitable for 8-17 Year olds, of any sport.
  6. Includes a close of camp exhibition session.
  7. In house cafe, with seating and parents / guardians are encouraged to stay and observe.