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Canberra’s largest Strongman training facility – The StrongRoom

strong room adEver been interested in Strongwoman / Strongman training and competition?

Quite possibly one of the most easily accessible strength sport there is. Involving every day fully ‘real world’ functional movements including:
– Carrys
– Pick ups
– Presses
– Pushing and pulling.

Unbranded are offering a new speciality training stream focussed on this unique and exciting sport.

For $35 a week (paid fortnightly, no contracts or exit fees), anyone can train in as many of the four weekly classes, and have access to the Mobility sessions on Tuesday and Saturdays to keep themselves in good condition while they get stronger, more physically capable and have an absolute blast.

The expansive mixed indoor/outdoor training space features:

  • 400kg of Pendlay discsTyre flipping strongman at the x unbranded in canberra
  • Atlas stones up to 155kg
  • farmers carry handles
  • swiss bars
  • trap bars
  • strongman logs
  • tyre sleds
  • harnesses
  • Super yoke
  • tractor tyres
  • kegs
  • logs
  • safe drop dead balls 20-55kg
  • pull up bars
  • safe drop matts
  • axle bars
  • Sleds and prowlers
  • 60m2 of dedicated indoor training space.
  • Up to 1000m2 of external concreted training space.

The strongman and outdoors training spaces are a variable pattern training arena, loaded with heavy, awkward, push and pull training equipment.

Ample space to enable yoke walks, farmers walks, heavy lifts, hoists, throws, and more.

strongroom2This space is partially indoors and partially open air, offering a unique training environment that connects to the REAL WORLD STRONG sentiment of strong man.



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