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Specialised Powerlifting training gym

Canberra’s latest Powerlifting facility

The Unbranded Sports Preparation Powerlifting area is a purpose built fully equipped Powerlifting gym. Centrally located in Fyshwick, Canberra ACT, and with 24 hour access, specialist powerlifting equipment was never easier to access.

Specialised for Powerlifting

The fully equipped Powerlifting area is fully IPF compliant:

  • FourĀ full cage Force USA squat stations
  • 640kg Pendlay elite bumpers
  • needle bearing IPF marked Aussie Strength bars.
  • twin Force USA IPF specification bench stations
  • twin competition ready deadlifting platforms. (wooden base, high traction carpet surface).
  • Chain sets, band sets (supporting westside and explosive training)
  • Individual magnesia bowls on risers.
  • Ample working space for each station, to enable safe and effective spotting, coaching and observation.
  • 75m2 total dedicated working space.
  • up to 275m2 competition space.
  • Adjustable boxes for box squats and deadlifts.
  • Flooring risers to support deficit training, and training off rack or blocks.

The Powerlifting space is devoted to supporting effective training and preparation for the major lifts of powerlifting under IPF conditions. Platforms and equipment is of the highest grade and accurate to within IPF regulation standards.

Athletes will find everything required to support all of the major lifts, and an extraordinary range of accessory equipment. The training space is optimised to replicate the flooring surfaces, equipment and atmosphere used in IPF and Powerlifting Australia competition.

Unbranded Sports Preparation also offers three dedicated coached powerlifting sessions a week. At these classes, athletes will learn not only the major lifts, but learn competition rules, strategies and preparation techniques.


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