It’s important as strength athletes to often look back through our diaries, look at older videos of our lifts and analyse our pasts.

It’s our past training, experiences and achievements that form the foundation of where we are now and where we will be.

Unbranded is a growing entity, that offers freedoms in a gym that simply don’t exist in our region. A new philosophy for athletes, supported by the highest quality facility and a community focussed ethic.

leigh_fish_co-opIn setting up The-X gym, my wife and I arrived at a concept that echoed the old world concept of the Fishermans Co-op. The concept is simple:

The Fishermans co-op, was run as a collective of fishermen, seeking to keep their supply model cheap, and community focussed. The Co-op would enable also, buyers to easily access what the fishermen as a collective had to offer.

The-X models exactly this old world sentiment. At The-X is a facility that offers a range of on site professional services, coaching services and more. But it does this in the same way as the Fishermans Co-op does. Simply, and unobtrusively.

A little known history of just who is behind this amazing community based ‘third place’ is my wife, Trineti. She’ll never tell you, but she is quite the accomplished power lifter. Prior to significant illnesses in this last year, she was competing in the IPF, where she quickly rose up the ranks to be seventh in the country.



The-X, while many people might think, “Oh yep, that’s Bny’s gig”… was actually the brain child of Trineti! Her passion, drive and sacrifice from her training and then into the development of both Unbranded and The-X is what has contributed to their successes the most.

The one thing that keeps hitting me in the face was something she said to me before we made the big leap…

“Honey, you’ve made something great, truly great out of nothing. Literally thin air. Your heart and soul go into what you do.

People see that and they achieve great things when you work with them.

This gym, whatever we call it, wherever we place it, will work and it’ll be everything that you want it to for our family. And that is what matters.”

Next day, we settled on the name, signed the leases and we were on our way.

The morale of this story:

Do not ignore your fears, they allow you to truly look at something objectively.

Do not let those fears prevent you from achieving or trying. Let them inform you and decide to act.

Do not forget where you came from.

Listen to those who know you, they are more of your foundation than you may think.

And lastly….

Understand your principles and philosophy for WHY you are doing something. Take that time to understand those first. Once you have that… setting goals, milestones and genuinely appreciating your achievements will be easy and rewarding.

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pocket.”
~Arnold Swartzenegger

See his Youtube video Six rules for success


Coach Bny “Iron Hobbit” Winter-Giles
Head Coach
Unbranded Sports Preparation