24 hr access
$35 wk
$60 setup fee
24 hour access to the facility
Run your own training
*classes = $12.50 additional
$55 wk
$60 setup fee
24 hour access to the facility
Unlimited access to all classes
Includes Weightlifting, Powerlifting and strongman classes
Derby strong
$35 wk
$60 setup fee
24 hour access to the facility.
All derbystrong classes available.
Strong Room
$35 wk
$60 setup fee
24 hour access to the facility
Unlimited access to:
Powerlifting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Strongman on Wednesday and Saturday
Strong Room LITE
$25 wk
$60 setup fee
Access to:
2 Strongroom sessions a week.
Doesn't include 24 hour access.
Other classes available = $12.50 additional

Other options

1:1 Coaching and training

Individual coaching is also offered, to help athletes focus on specific technical or movement pattern corrections. 1:1 is ideal for all levels of athletes, wanting to specifically improve and support their sporting performance.

1:1 sport preparation coaching is beneficial for athletes of any sport, particularly for athletes recovering from injury, seeking performance improvement in power, strength, speed, weight reduction or gain, balance, or agility.

Sport preparation coaching also supports the competition preparation processes for an athlete, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and dietary requirements necessary to support superior athletic performance.

1:1 Prices

1:1 sport coaching is $90/hr (GST incl.) and run in 1 hour sessions, and includes 24hour contact support. Five and ten session packages are also available. Go HERE for more details.

Contact us to discuss how the 1:1 program needs to be adapted to suit you and your sport.

Remote coaching and programming


” remote coaching for me, has been the most rewarding experience. Canberra has some of the finest Olympic lifting coaching and living on the coast I don’t have access to this. Ben is an incredible coach that has taken my fitness and training to a whole new level. I am now confident , strong and powerful! Full virtual support, online coaching and video analysis, programming for YOU. Go on… Enjoy the remote coaching today!! ~Emily Bingham, Weightlifter

Full remote programming and coaching is also available.

Free off the internet programmes are great, but they are written for athletes that have no injuries, and have already developed skill in the required movements.

Have your programme written specifically for you, allowing for your ability, your goals, and what you like to train.

Remote coaching includes:

  • full week by week programme design.
  • full remote support via phone, Skype, Messenger and text.
  • full transparency of workload via Evernote and shared video.
  • full workload management, so you can keep training, without overload, overuse or injury.

Train at the X facility, or train wherever you like. The results that YOU want are only a click away. (And of course, a bunch of gym work, there is that too.)

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Casual visits

You can also just simply drop in for a class or self managed session. This only costs $25, and the pass lasts all day.

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