Where does the money go?

Money is paid directly to a dedicated bank account or paypal account. You will receive a complete and properly formatted invoice. The money remains held by Unbranded until the program matures on the day prior to opening. There are some processing fees from the financial service providers for each investment, which sadly is lost to all of us. This typically is 5% of the transaction volume.

What if I want my money back?

If you want a refund you can access the refund all the way up to the first day of opening. After that we will seek to amicably resolve your refund as much as possible. Refunds prior to the program ending, require no reason. Simply request the refund and it will be processed for you immediately, minus any transactional costs (which will be disclosed at time of request, because they vary from institution to institution but is typically 5%.)

Can I invest on behalf of someone else?

No, but you can transfer or ‘gift’ the x-credits or outcome value to someone else. Simply advise us in advance that you are doing that.

What is the minimum investment?

The smallest investment is $100AUD, which when the program ends translates to $1.20 in x-credits or in facility credit. Which has NO time limit for use.

Who is behind all of this?

I’m Ben Winter-Giles, aka Benny, AKA “Iron Hobbit”. I can be found on Facebook, twitter, emailed at [email protected], via post at PO box 233 Bungendore NSW 2621 or rung on 0415468877. I am a Level 2 certified AWF coach and have been born and raised in Canberra as of 39 years ago.

I’m embarking on this after leaving behind me a very successful 20 year career in business strategy and managerial consulting to pursue the better things (read heavier) in life. My house is behind this initiative, my family and friends have sacrificed significantly to help to make this happen. We are nearly there, and we want you to be a part of it too.


Get involved through the foundation program and help to make this a reality AND save at the same time.

The Foundation program is a scaleable way to get ready and be able to get in.

Foundation program options will not be available after the facility opens in early April 2014, so ACT NOW


More questions?

Got more questions? email me! [email protected]


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