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derby-strongWhat is it?

Unbranded Sports Preparation (the X) has designed a roller derby specific training system for skaters of all levels to improve skill, strength and stamina for your game. The roller derby training system offers a diverse range of training methods covering:

  • Aerobic work for fitness/endurance,
  • Plyometrics for agility and fast twitch muscle development,
  • Weightlifting and strongman movements for strength and conditioning.

How does it work?

11960206_430371593817391_5585807204812762014_n (1)The system is coordinated with the roller derby competition calendar, so you’re able to develop and build strength without impacting your bout performance.
Skaters who use the system, undergo specific training to improve their ability to resist impacts, produce force and power, reduce likelihood of on track injury and of course be more agile and coordinated on the track.

Skaters attend two training sessions a week. As the bouts near, all skaters are ‘de-loaded’ to rest them prior to the actual bout.

All skaters are catered for as individuals, with certain movements and training modified or included to support their specific needs.

Why should I do it?

Because reasons!

Injury prevention, flexibility, strength and conditioning, range of motion, balance, approach to the game, help with attaining your sporting goals, as well as a sense of camaraderie with teammates and other skaters in the program.

You will be able to hit harder, skate faster for longer periods of time, be harder to knock down or move, as well as decrease the chances of injury.

Take your game to the next level with Unbranded Sports Preparation at the X.

What are the skaters saying?

10341901_330927560428462_6831337742282491419_n“I first came to the X upon a recommendation from my friend and teammate after a serious injury; not only did Ben help me build strength and balance to skate again, he also developed a plan to become resilient against any potential injuries that can happen during a game. Ben has completely changed my outlook on how to use, train and harness my body and its power both on and off the track. If you want to up your derby game I can’t recommend Unbranded Strength enough!”

~Peachy Keen #19, Assistant Coach: #derbystrong


10622768_1537039149849533_7552908067155798127_nI came to Unbranded because I wasn’t getting what I needed elsewhere. Bny had me training to a program that suited my needs and my needs only. I love going to the gym as much as I love hitting the track and am twice as strong, fit & confident than when I started.

~Kimodo Dragon #5050

femSince starting the derbystrong program, I have become so much stronger, both physically and mentally. The biggest benefits of the program are definitely improved performance on the track, though I have also noticed improved overall mobility off the track, which is a bonus because we all know how derby can #$%# up your body! Benny is a positive, supportive coach, and the sessions are always a lot of fun. We never repeat the same session twice, which means it always interesting. I never thought I’d be a gym junkie, but derbystrong has made me one!

~Femalestrom #SOS


I took up #derbystrong in March 2015 with the goal to strengthen my body following an 8 month absence from roller derby due to a rib injury. Not only did my body strengthen very rapidly, I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of movements and activities we do in the program focusing on strength, power and agility/ recovery. Benny is a great coach with a lot of technical expertise and who knows when to push you for more. I feel that my game has improved due to my confidence in my body’s ability to do things and my strength and power on the track have also been enhanced. #derbystrong is a fun and supportive place where people from both of Canberra’s leagues can train together, hang out and share the common goal of being the best they can be in roller derby. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their game.

~Diazeslam #10mg

Isn’t this the same as just going to the gym?

tyre slams The Derby Strong system, draws upon the most beneficial training methods from the world’s most powerful sports including:

  • American Football
  • Martial arts and military hand to hand combat systems
  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting and
  • Strongman

Athletes will be experiencing superior training methods that regular personal trainers and lesser ‘anything gym’ facilities simply cannot deliver. This is because The-X is a unique facility, specially designed to support advanced and dynamic athletic training.

The Unbranded Sports Preparation coaches are specialised coaches, not trainers. Which is a higher qualification requiring years of education and practical experience to attain.

Lastly, the-X has a host of in house range of professional services including sports nutrition, sports massage, chiropractic and injury management.

The-X, there is genuinely nothing like it.

Watch the video:


How much does it cost?

Derby specific membership is $32.50 a week and includes five group training sessions with the Head Coach at Unbranded, a Roller Derby fan himself.

If you cannot make the sessions, programmes can be sent to you to complete in your own time at the gym. Train alone sessions are included in your membership.

There are no contracts, no cancellation or pause fees. $65 set up fee applies.

the crew 2p6_image_with_text

How do I sign up?


Fresh meat intake is now open, and closes on the 4th of December 2015. Intake is limited to 10 places and won’t open again until June 2016.

Freshies must attend and successfully graduate in order to participate in the full #derbystrong training stream. This process takes 5 weeks, or 10 sessions (10 hours training time).

Freshies will be continually evaluated for movement standards, coach-ability, movement and control, and of course the athletes integration with the team.



Got questions? email us on [email protected] or phone on 0415468877

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