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Integrated training package for athletes in CrossFit™ training.

The SC-Gold integrated training package, is designed to support CrossFit athletes develop effectively, safely and efficiently. Through augmenting the CrossFit™ Athletes development with specialist weightlifting, powerlifting and strength training systems.

The integrated training system offers athletes superior technical instruction and program management through two co-located facilities and a suite of specialist coaches. CrossFit Canberra will deliver a dynamic CrossFit program, designed to produce a balanced highly effective athlete.

Unbranded, through it’s dedicated facility and coaching services will support CrossFit™ athletes with advanced olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman sessions twice a week.

Athletes will benefit from augmented strength, power and technical training in a team environment. Training teams are capped at eight athletes and will train in one of Canberra’s most specialised training facilities. Athletes will also enjoy 24 hour access to ”The-X” facility, which will enable out of coached session training at any time of the day or night.

Unbranded Training Philosophy

At UNBRANDED, every athletes training is shaped by the core philosophy. This philosophy drives the intent for the relationship and nature of the training being undertaken.

Our Philosophy:

“The athlete is the hero in their athletic development story. The coach is tasked with bringing the skill in movement, conditioning and strengthening to offer the athlete a pathway to success.

Accomplished through constant improvement to information, analysis, communication and attention from both the athlete and the coach.

The coach and the athlete alike must work in collaboration to achieve success, harmonising mind, body and intellect.“


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