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strength area.001FEATURES

  • Twin full cage Force USA squat stations
  • 300kg Pendlay bumpers
  • Needle bearing IPF / IWF Aussie Strength bars
  • Force USA GHD
  • Concept 2 rower with Laptop data analysis
  • Varied height pull up stations
  • MD USA wooden gymnastic rings
  • 4-48kg kettlebell sets
  • 7-55kg deadball sets
  • Plyometric and soft fall equipment
  • 168m2 working space, full 17mm rubber flooring.
  • 20m x 2.5m dual lane sprint track, extendible to 50m.

The S&C area is an open training space to perform preparation movements and activities including metcons, isolated strength, agility, balance, gymnastic and power development.

20140603_064052The S&C area will be home to the core classes for many athletes, boasting the right equipment for effective training and general physical preparation.

This area will also feature an extendible dual lane surfaced sprint track that is substantively 20m long, but is extendible to 50m. This will enable not just sprint training, but sled, resistance and prowler training to really enable athletes to develop overall strength and explosive power. 


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