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Weightlifting Fundamentals mini clinic

  Weightlifting fundamentals mini clinic! 2 hours, perfect for beginners, or anyone who is still sub 3000 lifts (beginning weightlifting). $40, this Saturday 27.6.15. 0900 – 1100h. at 23/151 Gladstone Street Fyshwick ACT Book via email on [email protected] Only 6 places, small classes = better learning. phone 0415468877 or email for more details.

New classes, new schedules and new Coach!

Proudly introducing our new Coach, Calum! Calum has a long history in a range of sports including CrossFit from many different countries including the UK, USA and even Columbia! Check out the new line of ‘Burner’ classes that we now run, on our website www.the-x.com.au. Calum also will be taking the new Movement and Mobility…

Bring a friend for FREE in December

Bring a friend for free during December. Already a member? bring a friend or two along, just let the coach know in advance. Not a member? then simply only pay for one session, and your friend can come for free. (Limit, 1 guest per paying visitor. All other guests get a 50% discount.) Contact us…

Smooth is fast, fast is smooth

By Bny “Iron Hobbit” Winter-Giles Head Coach, The-X, Unbranded Sports Preparation Weightlifting and Powerlifting specialist For both powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, I get asked a lot… in fact…virtually every day. “So.. which technique should I be doing for the <insert lift here>”. There is a seed of doubt that floods athletes minds very often… “Am…

3 month membership deal

#insertsalespitchhere This deal speaks for itself. Three months of ‘lite access’ membership for $350. Saving $170. Gives you some financial space to get through the Christmas spend fest. Be a little selfish and start getting serious with your off season training. Whatever sport you play. Find out about: The Athlete First Training System Lite access…

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