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Everything you knew about form is probably wrong

Here’s a scenario many coaches have experienced: you see some dude lifting a thing at a gym. You’re able to derive some kind of assessment on his form, which to your eye, is matching the model or ideal you’d expect for that particular lift or movement.    “That lifter’s form is pretty good!” your inside voice…

What the hell to do while deloading

De-loading can actually be a really challenging time for an athlete. While you’re in the midst of accumulation cycles, power cycles, seemingly endless reps, sweat, blood, pain, and whining to your coach… a week off or full de-load or decompression or restoration cycle seems like a better idea than bacon filled maple pancakes. But what really…

Bring a friend for FREE in December

Bring a friend for free during December. Already a member? bring a friend or two along, just let the coach know in advance. Not a member? then simply only pay for one session, and your friend can come for free. (Limit, 1 guest per paying visitor. All other guests get a 50% discount.) Contact us…

Welcome to Unbranded

“If you’re not training Unbranded… I don’t know what you’re doing” – Jon North, 2014

Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit, a mix made in heaven

Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit, a mix made in heaven? By Bny “Iron Hobbit” Winter-Giles Head Coach, The-X, Unbranded Sports Preparation Weightlifting and Powerlifting specialist I find myself in a continual conversation with many CrossFit athletes about the topic of specialisation and it’s value in the CrossFit training system. This isn’t a CrossFit hater post, nor…

Weightlifting clinic, 18/10/14

Tickets now open: Weightlifting Clinic for intermediate to advanced lifters and CrossFitters. on 18.10.14 – 6 hour intensive clinic – technical corrections, snatch & clean and jerk – Max out both majors and training session – tuning accessory movements – psychology and comp preparation – open to non-members (members 40% discount) – $100/pp, max 12…

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