Team sponsors

Team sponsors

The Unbranded Performance teams are proudly supported by the following.

Without these boosters behind us, these teams would have a much harder challenge ahead of them.


A huge thanks to all of the businesses and individuals who have helped the teams.


Canberra Chiropractic

Established in 1958, Canberra Chiropractic is one of the region’s oldest chiropractic practices.

Our goal is provide excellence is diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of your health concerns, particularly those relating to the spine.

We have particular expertise in managing

  • lower back pain, including disc injuries
  • neck pain
  • headaches and dizziness
  • sports injuries

Our chiropractic care is individually tailored, based on scientific research, and is undertaken in communication with your GP and other healthcare providers.

Make An Appointment, Contact Dr. Martin Schutte:

(02) 6247 3388

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virus logo Virus international

Virus international, offer some of the finest and highest performance sports apparrel in the world.

The Elevate elite competition weightlifting singlet is the official 2016 uniform for the Unbranded weightlifting team.

Find out more about Virus at



Order your gear now from the Suping Caveman in Canberra:

+61 410 432 177

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