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Meet Team X!

For the 2016 -17 competition seasons, Unbranded Sports Preparation proudly sponsors these talented athletes. Check out their links and get to know them, they’re going places!

Bex Prior – Strongwoman

14628134_10154675907978223_1481688202_nMost memorable experiences

  1. Competing in Arnolds Australia 2016 and placing 2nd among some of Australia’s best Strongwomen! Was such an amazing experience to meet the Pro’s first hand too!
  2. Being given the opportunity to compete internationally at Arnolds South Africa 2016. As international athletes we were treated like celebrities! This was when I got to meet the man himself, Arnie!
  3. Competing at the Highland Muscle Highland Games 2016 in Bundanoon and taking out 1st place. Such a unique experience competing in front of literally thousands of people!

Next goal

My next goal is actually a non-sport-specific goal. The big day… BASH (Bex and Ash) wedding! January 2017 sees me marry my soulmate and fellow strongperson Ash Rewa (Strongman coach at Unbranded Strength). The goal is cut! cut! cut! (isn’t that most bride-to-be’s goal!?). I want to feel and look good on such an important day, that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Following that I have qualified for both Arnolds Australia 2017 and Arnolds Ohio 2017. So (especially after the wedding) it will depend on $$ which one I go for! I’m still in the rehab stage for a knee injury I sustained whilst overseas, so insuring I get the knee back to full strength, both for my sport and generally for life is a priority.

Team X

I love being a part of such an awesome community. The team here at Unbranded Sports Preparation is so diverse and so inclusive. People from all walks of life, from all different disciplines coming together for one true purpose… to give it a go, to try, to succeed!


Armund “Almond” Oringo – Pro BMX

14689769_709218242560429_1081078503_oMost memorable experiences

  1. First time getting air on my bicycle. The awesome sensation of taking off from the ground and being free for that split second on a 2m long jump before coming for landing and flowing through the transition- goosebumps.
  2. My first ever race. Came last but knew that racing little bikes next to seven other people on a track with jumps was definitely the sport for me
  3. Racing elite for the first time at nationals this year (2016) at Bathurst, the crowd, the jumps, the crashes and the nerves which were all at unbelievable levels

Next goal

Win a pro race. If I do that then I know I’m really in contention for my long term goal of qualifying for the next Olympics!

Team X

Love the Team X crew as they are super friendly and always there to help you and push you to do your best. No one gets absolutely into the exercises like these guys do!

Could add so much more but that’s it for now folks hahaha probably shouldn’t mention that dark place that coach puts us in  actually felt a lot better once I got over that on last Saturday hahaha!


Harriet “Haz” Rose – Pro BMX

10544663_10204486054456385_1903138101074027168_nMemorable experiences

  1. Winning my first world title in South Africa in 2010, having my coach and dad run to see me at the line.. And calling my mum.
  2. Winning my first Australian title, after crashing out and getting 2nds and 3rds every year I finally won! It was a big confidence boost for me
  3. Jumping Luke Madill’s first pro jump a year after I crashed and broke my humorous on it. Huge mental game. And huge weight off when I did.

Next goal

Winning the overall series in elite women Probikxs next year. Longer, Supercross final and elite world title

Team X

I am beyond stoked to have a support network like Team X. Over the past year I’ve had to try and push myself. Now I am surrounded with a great team and program. It’s one less thing I need to stress about. Now when I get on the gate for a race I’ll know I’ve done the work.




Mikayla “Squishy” Rose – Junior Elite BMX

Memorable experiences

My most memorable experiences are definitely those of representing Australia:

  1. Captain of the Mighty 11’s Trans Tasman test team 2012 and
  2. Member of the Senior Test team in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  3. World Title events in Adelaide 2009, New Zealand 2013, Rotterdam 2014 and Belgium 2015.

Next goals

There are actually a couple –  To place in the top 5 positions for Junior Elite Wonen in the 2017 National Series.
And to earn a place on the Australian Team to compete at the world titles in Rock Hill, South Carolina USA in July 2017.

Team X

I am excited to begin a new journey in strength and conditioning with Unbranded Sport Preparation and Team X.


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