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Canberra’s finest Olympic Weightlifting gym

wl montage 2Canberra is now spoilt for quality when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting as both a pure blooded sport and in strength and conditioning for other sports including CrossFit, rugby, soccer, cycling and rowing.

At the specialised 200m2 weightlifting area, athletes of all sports can develop power and strength using the olympic weightlifting movements of the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Specialised Olympic Weightlifting facility

The national level competition ready area features:

  • IWF international standard 4x4m all wood competition platform.
  • UESAKA Mens and womens IWF certified barbells with 190kg discs and collars.
  • Eight international 3x3m all wood training platforms
  • PENDLAY needle bearing mens and womens training weightlifting barbells.
  • PENDLAY Elite disc sets for each training platform with full incrementals. (1.12 tonnes in total)
  • Individual magnesia bowls on risers.
  • Dedicated lifting space, with ample room to rest, observe and coach.
  • Each platform is equipped with either four stage jerk blocks or hand made weightlifting specific adjustable stands.
  • Competition ready to national standards.
  • Dedicated video movement analysis system
  • 200m2 total dedicated working space

Olympic weightlifting montage at unbranded sports preparationThe Weightlifting area is the core of the facility. Boasting international competition grade equipment from Uesaka, Pendlay, Eleiko, complimented with some of the finest hand made Australian platforms, stands and blocks. The minimum standard being Pendlay bearing bar sporting Pendlay Elite plates, with the hand made calibrated competition sets coming from Uesaka Barbell and Eleiko.

Squad, class and individual training will be performed here when the area is not being used for hosting up to national level weightlifting competitions.

An elite weightlifting training environment and experience, virtually unequalled in the region. 

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