What’s on today

What's on today at the X in Canberra

  • 6am Endurance
  • 6:30 Weightlifting
  • 9:30 Roller Derby Strength class
  • 12:15 Sweat Club General Fitness class
  • 5:30 Powerlifting and Hurtlocker classes
  • 6:00 Movement and mobility class

Coming up:

18th October, Weightlifting Clinic. see our events for details

24th October, Movie night! Bring beanbag and food!

25th October, Kettlebell basics clinic

25th October, CRDL “Blocking Jay, the Hunger Jams” Grand Final.Go Brindabelters! and our three resident skaters, Kimodo Dragon, Shaggle Frock and Peachy Keen!


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