“You’re gonna have crappy sessions.”

You’ve heard that, probably said it. Truth be told, you probably will.

For high performing athletes, or heck virtually anyone who undertakes any kind of training where a goal is set and worked towards.

Preserving a positive field around your training activity is probably the most important aspect of your progress towards the goal.

It’s easy to wrap up a crummy session and washing it of as,

“Well… that was a crap session, never mind I have another one tomorrow and that’ll be kick ass.”

But what about this?

“Hmmm… this child was crap today. never mind, in nine months I can make another.”¬†

That’s not a thing, in any realm of a decent world. What are you actually doing when you wrap up and discard a session?

You’re wasting your damned time, and time is life, and life is finite, so you’re wasting your life.

Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that, it’s too valuable and precious. Don’t ever do that.

Compounding the problem here is that you’re also saying “well, I went to the effort of going to the (insert training space here) and it was crap because I could not get past my ego and discover something from that.”

So what is a crappy session?

A crappy anything is an opportunity. No really, it is. Stop laughing. Crappy sessions are an opportunity for you to strengthen your soul, to strengthen your resolve, to test your patience and in many cases learn physically and emotionally what it’s like to train under less than ideal circumstances.

Sportswear and nutrition¬†marketing¬†will have you thinking that you can make every session awesome by drinking “super mega neutropic powder x11-Zeta-dragons fire”. Or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

The reality, and this is the domain in which you live your entire life oddly, is never ideal. Therefore, Ideal is a self defeating condition. Ask any scientist. Nothing is ideal, nothing is exactly to plan, you as a human are the nexus of the world around you and that is an aggregate of everything, good and bad and everything in between.

Embrace every opportunity to train when it’s bad, when it’s not ideal. Your competitors may not be.


Stay strong

Ben “Iron Hobbit” Winter-Giles

Head Performance Coach
Unbranded Sports Preparation